Weston Office Now Opened

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Rockrose Realty is extremely excited to announce our new branch office in Weston, FL serving the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Metro area.  We've always had an interest in expanding throughout the state of Florida, and now we are.  Our very own Paul Barnes who specializes in Miami real estate and serves as a Miami business broker will helm our [...]

Sell Your Business 101: Choosing the Right Business Broker

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Choosing the right business broker isn't difficult, but will require research from your part.  As a business owner, you want your business broker to represent you and your company correctly and in a professional manner.  Brokers are an essential part of selling your business.  Below is a list of the most important questions to ask when [...]

Emigrating to Florida with an EB-5 Visa

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The United States is the land of possibility and there are millions of people who want to be able to enhance their lives in our beautiful country.  There are multiple ways immigrants can legally live and work here.  The one we will focus on now is the EB-5 visa. EB-5 investors are those individuals who want [...]

Business Spotlight: A/C & HEATING CONTRACTOR

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Different cities have different niches for business.  In Los Angeles, someone can open a tour business to see celebrities.  In New York City, someone can open a transportation business in the city that never sleeps.  In Orlando, where it's always hot, someone can operate an A/C & Heating business successfully like Oesterling Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. [...]